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Welcome to Gail Roth HUT Rentals . My husband started a similar business last year under another name. Things didn't work out and so we took the information we learned from our customers and put together something even better for this year.

We found customers did not enjoy sitting in one spot all day when there was no fish.

This year you will be renting a portable ice fishing HUT from us.

Why sit in one spot when your not catching any fish.

Now you can take these HUTS and move around anywhere you want to go.

Go to the ridge, go deeper, go shallower or just go where you want to go.

Some days Balsam Bay is better maybe Grand Beach.

If there not biting in one spot, move around. You'll find them.

These HUTS fit 3-4 comfortably. There 8 feet by 8 feet and insulated. They do get HOT.

They can set up in less then 1 minute. Watch the video

For ONLY $50 a day, what more can you ask for ?

We also RENT, Ice Augers, Heaters, Fishing Rods, Sleighs and more

Click on our SPECIAL tab, Our Special can't be beat

When you call to BOOK, you will be talking to Terry or Gail Roth 204-230-8805

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